Book for Knutpunkt 2010
av Elge Larsson
Publicerad: November 6, 2009

Vill du vara med i en bok om lajv? Den årliga nordiska lajvkonferensen Knutpunkt ska sin vana trogen ut en bok inför nästa konferens 2010. Elge Larsson, från Interacting Arts, redaktör för årets bok beskriver ett förslag på årets tema: "How will we get larp out of the marginalized position and into the mainstream?" Kanske en fråga du kan besvara?

Elge Larsson beskriver projektet 

For the annual Scandinavian live-action role-playing conference there is usually a book with interesting ideas on larping and larp design, methods for playing and organizing, critique and theories on larp, and much more. This year the book will be produced by Interacting Arts, provided we get the necessary funding (yes, applications are in the pipeline). 

This means that if we are lucky, we will have two books this year, since Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros likely will be done with their book Nordic Larp at about the same time as KP. That book aims to present some of the most important Scandinavian larps. Read more about it here:

About the KP book

I had the idea to ask you to write your papers as historical or fictive personas – what would Freud or Batman say about larping? – or from a point 50 year from now. That may or may not be a good idea, if you like it, fine, if not, forget it.

It really doesn't matter if the KP-book has any special theme, you will anyhow write what ever you want, so do that. 

Still, let me ask you a question – How will we get larp out of the marginalized position and into the mainstream? Because admit it or not – we need to get there to survive, and secretely (I'm talking for myself here but I'm sure it goes for most of you), we want to get into the mainstream. So: HOW?

But I am convinced that beside that question you have a lot to say about larping, past, present or future, how it should be done (or not done), why your way is better than anybody else’s, how to save the world and whatnot. I am also convinced that you are eminently good writers that would like to see your thoughts in print. Go ahead, write what’s on your mind, and we will make it into a good KP-book. 

Practical things

I would like to see proposals for papers at the 1st of December, and must needs have the complete papers at the 1st of January. Proof reading will be done in dialogue with the writers, and the finalized papers should be done around 1st of February. 

No, you won’t get paid for writing.

Write in English. If not, we will try to find translators, but since that will be time-consuming, you’re at risk to not be included in the book.

The guidelines for submission that Stenros and Montola made for the Solmukohta 2004 book are very useful. 

Check them out! 

Regard them as GUIDELINES, NOT HOLY WRIT. Do not feel that you have to write in the academic style, but if you do, use them with common sense. 

Until the official KP-10 site is up and running, you can always reach me

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